Our Team

Annet Ahrens, co-owner of OxiHealth started her career in 1986 with her first salon, Beauty Inn, in Bloemfontein which she had for 3 ½ years.  After that she worked in sales and marketing.  She soon realised she missed the beauty industry and opened New Me Beauty Salon.  After 16 years she moved to Knysna, where she opened Lawsons Guest House and Spa.

After she sold the Guest House and spa she started OxiHealth.  She she did beauty treatments and sport massages at guest houses, hotels and she also did sporting events in Knysna and surrounding areas. During this time, Geraldine Mather, co-owner of OxiHealth joined Annet in the business.

Beginning 2017 she started to move back to Bloemfontein and opened the second branch of OxiHealth, where she specializes in sport massages, decreasing of muscular pain and also doing other beauty treatments.

Annet believes that it is important to be passionate about your work.  Her clients are very important to her, because when people look and feel better, they are more positive about life.  OxiHealth makes a difference in people’s lives!!

Geraldine Mather, co-owner of OxiHealth matriculated in Bloemfontein during 2002.  After that she studied Somatology at the Technicon Bloemfontein for 3 years.

She started working an Lawsons Guesthouse and Spa where she gained experience in all facets of the beauty industry.  She also worked at Pezula for a few months until she joined Annet Ahrens as co-owner of OxiHealth.

For Geraldine, this was a dream come true.  She strives to give clients the best and professional treatment.  Clients are the most important part of the business and it is wonderful to see and keep track of their results and see their progress.  She is very proud to be part of the awesome team at OxiHealth.  There is always new challenges, something new to try and to strive for more happy customers.

She also enjoys working on the sporting events where they are touring the Garden Route, guesthouses, lodges and hotels and work together with cyclists, runners, athletes to improve the recovery, heeling and performance of the sportsmen and –women.

She is very thankful for their team, because without each other and the Lord, nothing would have been possible.